We Go the Extra Degree

“After reviewing many RFQs, I’ve found that the personal touch is crucial. Good suppliers are made not born, it’s built on your ability to connect with that supplier and talk about issues openly. That’s what makes PTG the such an incredible business partner.” -Linda Bliss

The PTG Promise

Oftentimes, cargo is just too precious, too unstable, too vital to fit into the shipping status quo. And even more often, the only viable solution is one that doesn’t exist yet. That’s the space where Packaging Technology Group lives and thrives, on the edge of unprecedented innovation. PTG fuses our unrivaled thermal engineering prowess with our passion for exceeding customer expectation to design, qualify, manufacture, and execute custom thermal solutions. No task is too tall, no challenges go unmet. Because when you collaborate with PTG, your project becomes our project. Your goals become our goals. And your success becomes guaranteed.

We’re relentlessly focused on solving your problems. PTG never compromises on quality or innovation because we don’t believe thermal package engineering is a zero-sum game. When our clients come to us with unique challenges, we use them to push our creative problem solving to new, unforeseen levels of excellence. We’re humbled to be an integral part of a global distribution system responsible for saving, improving, and changing lives for the better. Our reliability and relationships never falter because of our tenacious commitment to your needs and inevitable success.

That’s the PTG way.

Service First

When partnering with PTG, there are three guaranteed outcomes you can expect regardless of your industry or the complexity of your packaging challenges.

  • PTG provides best-in-class client communications 
  • PTG supplies inventive and innovative thermal packaging solutions
  • PTG surpasses your expectations

As a registered ISO 9001:2015 business, PTG is deeply committed to quality in everything we do. The number one piece of feedback we hear from our clients  is that they are comfortable and confident that PTG listens to their needs and far exceeds their expectations both in the design and execution of the project.