January 15, 2020

Massachusetts Bio-Medical & Pharmaceutical Packaging Company Introduces Product Line of Thermo-Efficient, 100% Curbside Recyclable, and Environmentally Sustainable Solutions; The TRUEtemp™ Naturals Shipper.

Packaging Technology Group, Inc., (PTG) of Fall River, Massachusetts, responds to biotech’s search for a secure, temperature-sensitive, curbside recyclable and “green” shipping solution.Serving global markets, PTG has changed how the packaging of high-value, life-saving treatments and experimental agents complete a non-invasive and environmentally sound lifecycle.

PTG, an innovator in advancing environmentally friendly shipping solutions, moves the needle with the creation of Re-Inventive, Responsible, Recyclable, and Temperature-Controlled Packaging solutions.

When thermal-efficiency is a priority for delivering high-valued cargo to an end-user—especially during the last critical mile—PTG takes a leadership role with the introduction of its new design principle; Small, Simple, S4 Sustainable, and Service.

With this exciting discovery, the new packaging option opens a catalog of sizes for quick ordering or the opportunity for customization of temperature-tested shipping products.

PTG is committed to increasing the efficacy of world-wide distribution of medical treatments, life-saving drugs,and critically important research specimens, many requiring special handling and care. At the same time, PTG is sensitive to the community; through innovation and in-house development, the company has responded by developing curbside recyclable, temperature-controlled packing solutions.

With the launch of the TRUEtemp™ Naturals Cellulose Shipper, PTG continues its efforts in creating products that meet the needs of their clients while negating the long-term effects other types of containers and packaging places on landfills and waterways.

With end-users in mind, the engineers at PTG’s research laboratory work tirelessly in creating reusable,recyclable, repulpable, and renewable shipping options, with the hope of solving many of today’s challenges and safeguarding the sustainability of the environment for future generations.

The primary component of the TRUEtemp™ Naturals Cellulose Shipper is a unique curbside recyclable insulation fiber composed of layers that protect against impact and temperature fluctuation. As a result,contents remain stable and controlled from pack-out, to shipping, and the arrival to its destination. The cellulose insulation has been tested by Western Michigan University and is OCC-E certified for repulpability and recyclability.

According to PTG’s Chief Executive Officer, William (Bill) Blezard, The TRUEtemp™ Naturals Cellulose Shipper is one of many successes the company has achieved, yet, he admits there is more to be accomplished.

“We’re focused on providing the most advanced critical temperature-sensitive shipping solutions for many of the new pharmaceuticals, as well as bio-medical discoveries coming to market. Our efforts will continue to be on the development, testing, and roll-out of both custom and off-the-shelf thermal-controlled shipping options,and to ensure future products are sensitive to environmental impact,” Blezard explains.

“Our primary goals are to provide efficient, qualified, and viable shipping products to our customers through advanced distribution technology, and to keep our promise to the public; that is, to improve the end of life-cycle of our products and assure a natural acclimation back to the biosphere.”

The PTG team is excited to present TRUEtemp™ Naturals Cellulose Shippers during the 17th Annual Cold Chain Global Forum at the Sheraton in Boston from October 15-18, 2019. This event will deliver leading pharma CEOs, VPs, and Directors of Supply Chain, Quality Management, Logistics, Packaging and Transportation to an event that will be looking to learn and source the latest technologies and solutions. Visit us at booth #83 during the "Demo Drive" for your chance to win exciting prizes!

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