June 7, 2022

Bio X Cell Providing Antibodies in Curbside, Recyclable and Repulpable solution

Leading Supplier for in vivo Functional Grade Antibodies

Bio X Cell is your trusted supplier of in vivo functional grade antibodies. For 25 years, scientists have trusted Bio X Cell as their go-to source for in vivo functional grade antibodies. Bio X Cell takes this responsibility to heart and has always focused on one goal: producing the highest-quality antibodies with the best value possible. This unwavering commitment to quality helps scientists research with confidence and discover faster. As a result, Bio X Cell antibodies are now featured in over 17,000 peer-reviewed publications.

A Commitment to Antibodies...and the Earth

Bio X Cell antibodies are used for pre-clinical studies in animal models and are all manufactured at the company’s beautiful headquarters in Lebanon, NH. Bio X Cell’s products target both well-characterized and novel antigens in the fields of cancer, immunology, neuroscience and more. The company ships antibodies on demand for clients to use in their scientific research. In June of 2020, Bio X Cell sought to replace its expanded polystyrene (EPS) shipping container and replace it with a more earth-friendly solution. The company was devoted to supporting scientists in their research and wanted to continue its mission while limiting environmental impact. EPS doesn’t break down in a landfill and has many recycling constraints.

Saving the Planet

Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) engineers and designs thermal shippers requiring specific temperature requirements for their clients. For companies looking to reduce their environmental impact, they created the TRUEtemp Naturals® line of 100% curbside recyclable and repulpable solutions. For Bio X Cell, the company’s goal was to minimize environmental impact while shipping its product. There is a wide variety of insulating materials for antibody shipping; Bio X Cell’s sustainable, earth-friendly solution is made of cellulose. Cellulose is the most abundant renewable, natural biological resource available on Earth and is directly from nature; the main components are plants and trees.

TRUEtemp Naturals for Bio X Cell = 71,000 Pounds of Waste saved since 2020

Bio X Cell reaches impressive carbon neutrality goals with its newly designed shippers and has saved over 71,000 pounds of waste from landfills. This is calculated by the weight of Bio X Cell’s previous EPS shipper multiplied by the number of shipments purchased since the transition to TRUETemp Natural shippers. The new solution is thermally stable and is a beautifully designed, sleek, sustainable shipper. Bio X Cell decreased waste and reduced its overall carbon footprint, and scientists are receiving a quality product in earth-friendly packaging that they can drop in their recycling bin.

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