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Thermal Design Engineer

Engineer, design, test and build thermal packaging solutions and related packaging systems. Gather information about customer goals. Analyze engineering sketches, specifications and related data and drawings to determine design factors, such as size, shape, and arrangement of parts. Use CAD-based software knowledge to prepare computer models and simulations. Use CFD/FEA (computational fluid dynamics/finite element analysis) simulations to predict how heat will transfer within prototype shipping packages. Collect and analyze data from tests on prototypes. Modify designs and re-test as required prior to final customer approval. Take into account the environmental impact of new products. Direct and coordinate the fabrication and installation activities to ensure the products and systems conform to engineering design and customer specifications. Research and develop ideas for new products, production systems and sustainability. Improve performance and efficiency of existing products. Oversee product spec changes. Manage supplier relations with regard to samples and design.

Job location: Fall River, MA.

Prerequisites: BS degree in Mechanical Engineering plus one-year experience in running simulations using CFD/FEA tools.

If interested, please contact Mark Mooney, Director of Operations, at 508-673-1300