Thermal Packaging with a purpose

We bring ideas to life by combining years of experiences of our very talented team.

Often, cargo is just too precious, too unstable and too vital to fit into the shipping status quo. And even more often, the only viable solution is one that doesn’t exist—yet.

That’s the space where Packaging Technology Group lives and thrives—on the edge of unprecedented innovation.

PTG fuses unrivaled thermal engineering practices with a passion for exceeding customer expectations in design, qualified-manufacturing, and custom thermal solutions.

No task is too difficult; no challenge goes unmet. When you collaborate with PTG, your project becomes our project. Your goals become our mission.

We’re focused on solving your challenges. PTG never compromises on quality or innovation. When our clients come to us with unique problems, we use it to push our creative problem solving to new, unforeseen levels of excellence.

We are an integral part of a global distribution system responsible for saving, improving, and changing lives for the better. Our reliability and relationships never falter because of our tenacious commitment to your needs and satisfaction.

Our core values


We acknowledge—with thankfulness—that GOD is the source of all that we have and all that we are, as individuals and together as a company. We strive to honor Jesus Christ in all that we say and do.


We believe that life is about people, and every person has great value. Whether employee, client, vendor, family, or friend, we strive to build long-term relationships on a foundation of trust, grace, loyalty, and excellence.


This core value affirms our commitment to see challenges as opportunities; to embrace change; to seek new approaches in our business methodologies. Courage is the value that gives us the moral and mental strength to do what is right no matter what the circumstances.


We continually search for, develop, and implement new ideas, concepts, technology, and methods that will help us design and deliver cutting-edge innovation to our clients.

Our value proposition


We get your product to you same day


Smallest footprint shipper possible, at the lowest weight. Result: you save in shipping costs


Simple pack outs equal less labor costs


Curbside recyclable shipping solutions

Certification and Qualification