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The Proof in Design

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Days not weeks

Our rapid virtual prototyping capabilities enable our thermal designers to test against stress profiles in a matter of hours, not days or weeks.

The Proof in Design

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Bringing the prototype to life

Once your solution is finalized in a virtual environment PTG crafts representative prototypes for triplicate thermal and transport qualification in our state of the art laboratory.



PTG assured quality

Assured Quality

PTG is ISO 9001 Certified, and we manufacture all of our shipping solutions to the most current ISO standards.



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At Your Service

PTG offers a wide range of ancillary services to best help you achieve your goals. We:

  • Assemble complex kits
  • Create custom palletization and delivery models
  • Offer transport and thermal testing and research services
  • Deliver Ready To Use (RTU) shipping solutions


Full-Spectrum Fulfillment

Our final step before finished product leaves for delivery to your facility is a comprehensive quality and documentation check. Final product Pallets are checked for proper labeling and identification, then secured for transit.


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