Packaging Technology Group, Inc is concerned about our environment and dedicated to taking every step possible to manufacture sustainable shipping systems. Our systems use the least amount of ancillary shipping components i.e. bubble wrap, paper wrap, air pillows thus reducing waste impact and conserve resources.


Sustainable Thermal Solutions

We manufacture a host of fully reusable and recyclable thermal shippers and components. Our roto-molded shippers can be reused hundreds of times and when they have fulfilled their purpose, their material can be re-purposed into lawn chairs and car bumpers.


Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

The true workhorse of the temperature assurance packaging industry is expanded Polystyrene. EPS is an invert material and causes no threat to disposable facilities. EPS is also fully recyclable.


VIP Panels

Our Vacuum Insulator Panels are made from nonporous fumed silicon, are non-toxic and
are not petroleum based. The panels offer unmatched “R” capability narrow 30R/in.