Temp-Sure Molded Containers and Set-up Containers

  • All of our Temp-SureTM Containers are manufactured from Expanded
    Polystyrene (EPS), the true workhorse of the cold chain industry.
  • Temp-SureTM Containers are ideal for shipping a variety of products including: pharmaceutical and biotech products, vaccines, plasma products and lab specimens.
  • Temp-SureTM Containers meet the demands of a large spectrum of cold chain profiles
  • Although PTG has a large assortment of “Stock” containers, custom design and manufacture is sometimes desired or needed.
  • In this case, PTG will engineer, design and manufacture the container perfect for your requirement.
  • Temp-SureTM Containers are available in hundreds of stock sizes in everything from ¾” to 3″ wall thickness

Uretherm Molded Containers and Set-up Containers

  • All of our UrethermTM Containers are manufactured from first quality High Performance Polyurethanses (HPRU)
  • UrethermTM Containers are the choice for shipments requiring extended duration or where the product value is such that it requires EXTRA protection.
  • Manufactured from HPRU, Uretherm containers offer “R” factors that outperform EPS by more than two times.
  • PTG has a wide variety of “Stock” sizes availble. However, much like EPS, Custom HPRU containers can be engineered, designed and manufacture to suit.
  • Custom HPRU molds are very affordable.